What You Should Know About Dark Fiber Services – Hop Hosting

>” A dark fiber network is a network composed of fiber optic cable. This network allows for the transport of internet traffic without the need for an centralized hub or switch. Dark fiber solutions provide high-speed Internet access whenever greater capacity is required. These services are especially beneficial in schools, offices, or in offices.

Dark fiber is an option in addition to broadband traditional services offered by multiple Internet providers. Dark fiber services are ideal for temporary or permanent locations that have a geographical or terrain area hinders cables or DSL service. These services do not require any connection for connection to Internet.

One of the major benefits of dark fiber is that they offer speeds that are comparable to fiber optic network that do not. Fiber optic networks may add bandwidth at any time. Dark fiber networks can last for a longer time. The deployment of a dark fiber network is also simple. There is even copper-based cables for troubleshooting.

for larger companies that need greater bandwidth, dark fiber has proven to be a very popular option. The service provider and the network decide the amount of bandwidth they offer. Networks and dark fiber are much more accessible than traditional wire or DSL services. You can access many companies from the exact physical location. Fiber networks also require lesser maintenance.