Three Ways to Make Your List of RSS News Feeds Better

Is your list of RSS news feeds becoming too large and unwieldy? Do you need to whittle down your list to make it more manageable for daily use? If so, there are three criteria you can use in order to make your news RSS feeds list work better for you.

1. The RSS feed is updated multiple times a week.

The whole point of an RSS feed is to make frequently updated websites more accessible to the user. If the site you need information from is only updated once a week at most, an RSS feed may be taking up unnecessary space in your queue. In that case, you can just as easily visit the website manually, as needed.

2. The RSS feed contains information you use regularly.

This point may seem to go without saying, but it cannot be emphasized enough. If you aren’t reading new articles when they are added to the feed, there is little reason to have the feed in your list at all. Your RSS news feeds list should contain the essentials. An overly bulky queue serves no practical purpose.

3. The RSS feed contains reliable information.

While there may be certain RSS feeds to which you subscribe that are of a more satirical nature, such as The Onion, by and large your list of RSS news feeds will consist of material rooted in facts that can be readily verifiable. It does you no good to subscribe to news that is fallacious or otherwise cannot be supported.

By applying these three criteria to your RSS news feeds list, you can make your RSS reader more functional, and you will probably find that you can get more out of the experience as well.