How ADA Practice Transitions Work – DentalVideo.Net

compatible pairings that help to make easy transitions in dental practice. The clip tells the story of two dentists that used ADA Practice Transitions in order to discover the right possibility.

Dr. Gagnon is a seasoned dentist who assumed her father’s dental practice but she became overwhelmed by the volume of work. She required help urgently, but didn’t want to hire any dentist that came into the practice. The dentist had to meet her ideals.

Dr. Sikora is a recently graduated dentist who aspired to work as a professional and pursue her career. Instead of seeking a residency, Dr. Sikora chose to go straight into her profession. She knew that she would need guidance from a mentor as her develop. She was not looking to be part of a group.

Dr. Sikora and Dr. Gagnon were paired together through the ADA. Dr. Sikora found Dr. Gagnon’s modest practice to be precisely what she had been looking for. The Dr. Sikora also fits Dr. Gagnon’s philosophy perfectly. Dr. Gagnon and Dr. Sikora were linked through ADA practice Transitions and are very grateful to have the support. They have received what they need and can now provide exceptional care for their patients.

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